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Update 22-06: It is no longer possible to book in advance.

Taxis can only be ordered by phone on call during the weekend.

Defqon 2022

For years, extortionate prices have been asked at the taxi rank during the Defqon weekend, we believe that this should come to an end.

That is why we are again offering our services 24 hours a day throughout the weekend this year, to get you to your destination safely and at a fair price.
Via the buttons below you can choose to book your ride directly or to request information.
Of course we do not only drive from the Defqon taxi rank, but also from your accommodation location to the festival site.

We advise you to book your ride in advance to avoid disappointment, but of course it is also possible to call a taxi on demand.
If you choose to order a taxi on demand, take into account a possible waiting time.

In addition to the rides to and from the festival site, we are also available for rides to and from, for example, the station or to your accommodation location.